Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Sometimes you and a girlfriend talk about how nice it would be to sneak away for a night in the city, and then your hubbies tell you to go for it.
So you do. 
And we did. 
And it was fabulous. 

We shopped in Rittenhouse Square, got tattoos on South Street, dressed up for a fancy dinner at  Talula's {ummm, can you say ah-mazing?! If you haven't yet, you must go to one of their secret suppers…again, it was ah-mazing.}, watched the broad street run from our hotel room, brunched at Parc, and made plans for next years overnight getaway. 

I clearly value girly time. 
{I mean how obnoxious in your face have I been over the years with all my "girly events"}
And I highly recommend it to everyone.
{and it doesn't have to be a fancy over nighter…simple is beautiful…and way cheaper.}
Just do it. 

*I was not paid to endorse the above mentioned dining establishments in any way. I just really, truly love eating there and think you should too. 
*I was not asked by Nike to end my post with their trademark catchphrase. That was all my idea. 


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