Sunday, September 27, 2015

Finally Fall & Celebrating again

We celebrated the first day of fall in the most traditional way...

I've raised these boys to celebrate life. 
Be it little everyday accomplishments or the changing of the seasons…there are so many reasons to celebrate…so many places to find joy.

These boys have, are, and will continue to live through things that the majority of their peers {heck, my peers too} will never understand. 
And that gives them even more opportunities to see why life is not to be taken for granted.
They have seen and experienced intense pain. 
They know, better then most that, joy is a choice.
So we look for joy everywhere we can find it.
So that when we face those hard moments, we know that despite it all, this life is full of reasons to celebrate. 

So we celebrated the first day of fall, in all its glory. 


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