Thursday, February 4, 2016

NOT again...

I took these pictures 19 days ago during our 36 hour stay at a crisis unit, waiting for our 2nd oldest to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.
He asked me to.
I'd been here before.
But you know that.
And I agree with you, it's not fair.
It seemed unfair when we went through this with our oldest…and seems extra unfair for it to be happening again!
With another child.

But it's not the same.
It's NOT happening again.
This guy gets to come back home to us.

And we are all so excited.
Because we've missed him so much!
And also a little bit nervous.
Because the last month or so before he left things weren't what they should be.
But we have SO much hope.
Because we have some answers, and a plan, and lots of support.

So we're just gonna sit here and wait to go run and greet him…any minute now!

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