Hello! I'm Tracey Lynne...and I couldn't be happier that you're here!

Some tid bits about me:
I am married to the man of my dreams
I am a fost/adopt, bio mom to 5 boys
I am a part time photographer in South Jersey
I am girly
I am tough
I play in the mud
I catch frogs
I love to celebrate
I REALLY REALLY like taking pictures
I like pretty things
I like to create
I do not like to do the dishes
I do not like to do the laundry
I like high heels
I like dresses
I have tattoos {3 to be exact}
I love a party
I like decorating
Pink is my favorite color
I  love Jesus
I love my family
I am blessed

Here {Hidden Cupcakes} is where I celebrate the "happy moments"in my days. The moments I want to remember for always...

I like to think my happy moments may inspire some happy moments for you... 

Nobody's life is perfect. Mine is no exception but when I "look back" I want the happy memories to outweigh the not-so-happy ones. It's a choice...