1. Hey Tracey, I've been wondering for a long time... You are in some of your everyday shots. Some are self portraits but some are not. Who may I ask is your mystery photographer? Just wondering? You photos are always beautiful.

  2. I'm blushing...I try to always note when a friend has taken some of the pics, if there's no note {and I'm in the pic} you can assume the following: either a tripod/random surface OR one of the five fantastic men in my life :) kids take great pics because their height naturally adds a different perspective. Just squat down & take a practice shot then set the camera settings prior to handing over the camera...this way all the kiddos have to do is get the subject somewhere in the shot. Cropping takes care of the rest :)

  3. I thought it might be one of (or some of) your little or big guys. Well they also have a fantastic eye. Keep those pics coming they are always so fun to look at.

  4. Your blended family caught my eye on a blog featuring your home and your wonderful blogging style captured my attention as I read all about the wonderful men in your life! What a spectacular blog! I cried reading about the first day back to school of "Thing 2" (I think - that's my nicknames for my little ones!!) have a great writing style and I truly enjoyed reading about your family....good luck and many blessings with the 5th addition to all the testosterone in your life!

  5. Josh, Tracey and boys..Plus -Baby,

    Congratulations! The photos of you, Josh and baby Moses are really great! Hope your both at home, now.....Can't express how happy I am for you and your beautiful family. Love you, G-Nan

  6. Hi Tracey,
    I was wondering if there is a way to shortcut back through the older posts, other than scrolling back page-by-page? I don't think I've made it back to your blogging origin yet, as each time I have to work backwards. Is there an archive list somewhere that I just can't see in the menu?
    And thank you, for your time, for the stories, and for the beautiful photos that never fail to give me some creative inspiration, or just a smile over the kids' latest doings. Regards, Di.

  7. Hi Tracey,

    Glad to see your enjoying the Great Lakes, area. Everyone, looks happy and having fun.
    Just getting back online , after a long hiatus. My e-mail is:
    Will Cooper,be 4, next month? Love and Hugs, Nana T

  8. Hi! Tracey,

    Had a wonderful time visiting you, Josh and the children, this Summer.
    Guess the kids, will be going back to school this week? Ours have been in school three weeks, now. Had 22" of rain, in our area...Did you receive my card and gift card..? Enjoy! Love, Nana T. P.S. How's the bathrooms, coming, along?


Thank you for the note!